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Watch and Learn What Apple Watch Can Do

"this watch tells time. And..."

Apple Watch is now in its 5th series with the Apple Watch Series 5. Each series has seen more features and capabilities added year after year. The newest generation models now have an always-on Retina display, built-in compass, and more. It is even capable of taking an ECG! Although that feature is yet to be enabled in Australia.

Nonetheless, Apple Watch can now do a lot. So much so when someone asks me “What can an Apple Watch even do?” I am not so even sure where to begin. But when Apple unveiled the Series 5 they released a video. And I think does a very good job at highlighting what Apple Watch can do.

The video kicks off with the obvious in a rather slow pace, “This… watch… tells… time”. But as the watch rings, quickly speeds up “and takes calls”. From this point the video carries on showing capabilities you may not know of Apple Watch, including:

  • Turning on your wireless lights
  • Connecting to satellites in space for GPS
  • Tapping onto transport (including Sydney Trains)
  • Streaming music to wirelessly connected AirPods
  • Alerts you when the environment around you is too noisy (Noise detection and hearing health)
  • Tracks your workouts
  • Records your swims
  • Activity achievements and challenge your friends
  • Directions
  • Breathing (Mindfulness)
  • Fall detection

Plus a whole lot more than the video has touched on – such as Sleep Tracking.

Some features are only available with the newer Series 5 (Such as noise detection, always-on dislay and more). But many features can be found in the Apple Watch Series 3 which is now much more affordable.

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Perhaps you are looking to buy your first Apple Watch. Or looking to buy one as a gift for Christmas. Either way, I suggest watching the video (below) if you are interested in learning more about Apple Watch.

You can learn more about Apple Watch or purchase from Apple’s online store. All models are available for online purchase with free delivery and returns.

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