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HomePod Now Recognises Voices Of Different Family Members

Space Grey HomePod in Home

HomePod has gained several new releases with the release of iOS 13.2.1, a free software update for the speaker designed for your home. Including the ability to recognise multiple voices, handoff, Ambient sounds, and more.

The update by default will have automatically installed on all HomePod speakers around your home. Chances are you can now take advantage of the new features which include:

  • The ability for HomePod to recognize the voices of different family members to provide a personalized experience
  • Handoff music, podcasts or phone calls by bringing your iPhone close to HomePod
  • Add music to your HomeKit scenes
  • Play relaxing high-quality soundtracks with Ambient Sounds
  • Set sleep timers to fall asleep to music or Ambient Sounds

Multiple Voices

Siri, Apple’s voice assistant technology is the main way to get HomePod to play music and respond to requests – by your voice. As an example to get HomePod to play chill music you only need to say “Hey Siri, play chill music”. Or to play something you like, just say “Hey Siri, play something I will like”.

Previously, HomePod would listen and respond to everyone in the household regardless of who it was. And as a result, play music from the one Apple Music library, or worse potentially read out messages. However this is no longer the case.

The voices of up to six members of your family can now be recognised by HomePod, offering a more personalised experience. Music will play from the persons Apple Music account and responses will be based on their information. Including their Reminders, Messanges, Notes, and more.

More information on multiuser support on HomePod and how to set set up Multiuser can be found at:

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