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How Telstra’s New Mobile Plans Changes Buying an iPhone, iPad, etc

New plans, new flexibility

Telstra has simplified its plans by reducing the number available to just four and eliminating lease option, excess data-fees, and more. But the way the plans work has changed which affects products by Apple, such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and so on.

The purpose of this article is to explain what has changed and how their plans now work when it comes to buying an Apple product from Telstra.

Previously you could order an iPhone or iPad from Telstra over a 24-month contract. And you either had the option of owning the device or leasing it which required you to return it at the end of the contract. The cost per month depended on which plan you chose and the cost of the device which was decided by Telstra.

Simplified Plans

Telstra has scrapped 24-month contracts and lease plans and has gone ahead with just four no lock-in, month-to-month plans. With the flexibility to change plans once a month or simply cancel at any time.

All plans include an amount of data to use each month and unlimited calls and text messages within Australia. Apple Music and selected video streaming of sport (such as NRL, AFL, and more) are data-free. Plus if you go over your included monthly data you get unlimited speed-limited data at 1.5Mbps – but that isn’t enough to stream decent quality video, Netflix, and so on.

The four new mobile plans are called Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large and are as follows:

  • Extra Small: A$50/month for 15GB of included monthly data
  • Small: A$60/month for 60GB of included monthly data
  • Medium: A$80/month for 100GB of included monthly data
  • Large: A$100/month for 150GB of included monthly data

Plans for Tablets (iPad) and mobile devices are very similar but are priced slightly less because they don’t include Unlimited Calls and text messages. Data plans are as follows:

  • Extra Small: A$15/month for 5GB of included monthly data
  • Small: A$25/month for 10GB of included monthly data
  • Medium: A$50/month for 50GB of included monthly data
  • Large: A$75/month for 100GB of included monthly data

BYO or add a new product

When it comes to a device, such as, an iPhone, you now have the option to ‘add’ it. Doing so will give you the option to pay off the product over 24-months or 36-months. Essentially it is as if you’re paying it off interest-free. You are not locked into any contract, the plan you choose is still month-to-month. However, if you want to leave you will need to pay the rest of your product.

For example, you may choose the A$50 month-to-month plan which will cost A$50 a month. But you decide to add on a 128GB iPhone XR at the cost of A$1,248 over 24-months, which will make it A$52/month. You will then pay A$102 a month because the plan costs $50 and the iPhone XR costs A$52.


The new plans have seen Telstra make a number of cuts. Firstly, no plan includes roaming data for allowing you to use your device overseas. And while access to their 5G network will be free on Medium and Large plans, it will cost A$15/month extra for the Extra Small and Small plans after June 2020.

There is also no ability to add extra data and the Unlimited 4G plan has been scrapped. A little disappointing since we are all using more and more data.

You can learn more or sign up to a plan at Telstra.

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