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Discover How Apple Can Help Your Business Grow With ‘Apple at Work’

Let’s get to work

Apple’s Small and Medium-Sized business page has been given a refresh, just in time for the new financial year. Titled Apple at Work, the new webpage allows you to discover how Apple can help your business grow. Including how you can take your business paperless, collaborate more effectively, and manage your business smoothly.

Apple At Work

The page begins with Apple inviting everyone, particularly small business owners, to an Apple Retail Store. Where their team is available to provide hands-on advice. Nonetheless, the page continues to show how you can go paperless. By signing contracts, manage time sheets, handle invoices, and so on. All of these are possible with an iPhone or iPad and Apps – some of which are built into iOS. These include:

  • Notes App to scan and sign documents
  • DocuSign to get a clients signature
  • Files App to keep everything in one place
  • GoCanvas App to create forms and invoices

All of these Apps are available to download from the App Store.

Moving along Apple has also done the same for collaboration. Making a number of suggestions on Apps for iPhone and iPad and even the Mac on enabling real-time collaboration. Which can be within a team environment at the table, or between teams in different time zones.

Hit the ground running by working with the systems you already use. G Suite, QuickBooks Accounting and Office 365are designed to work with Apple products. – Apple

There are a large number of Apps and services which enable real-time collaboration. Whether it is annotating a document or presentation, presenting work remotely, or a video call between clients. Apple has chosen to highlight the following for collaboration:

  • Keynote for real-time collaboration of presentations
  • Group FaceTime to get everyone together via video calls
  • join.me to present your work remotely

Thirdly there is a dedicated Running your business section. Highlighting how you can manage shifts, make checklists, and track for finances ‘like a boss’. Apple starts off by suggesting Calendar and Reminders, but go further by suggesting QuickBooks Accounting for handling your cash flows and finances. And Deputy from the App Store for managing shifts and tracking time efficiently.

Business Store

The new Apple at Work page arrives a few months after the launch of a new Business Online Store back in December. Allowing business owners to create an Apple Business account to become eligible for a number of business benefits. These include personalised support, and to earn business pricing.

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