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Customer Reviews and Ratings on New AirPods Mostly Positive

"Truly Incredible"


Second-generation AirPods, commonly being referred to as AirPods 2 is now available for purchase. Many of which have now made it into the hands of Apple customers since being announced in March. Unlike other Apple products, it is possible to leave a review and rating for the new AirPods on Apple’s online store. And when it comes to reviews customer reviews are generally the most trusted.

In the first week of availability, both the new AirPods with Charging Case and AirPods with Wireless Charging Case have received reviews. And the majority of them are positive. A sign that they will go on to being loved as much as the first generation.


I have taken a look through some of the reviews. Most of which is 5 out of 5, however, as with every product there are some who have rated them less. The general consensus among the reviews are the new AirPods:

  • Have surprisingly good sound quality. Audio is clear, but some say Bass could be stronger
  • Pairing is extremely easy, simply place AirPods near your iPhone and they will automatically be paired with every Apple device logged into your iCloud account
  • Don’t fall out. Even when running, jumping, and so on
  • The charging case is small and easy to carry because of its rounded edges
  • Work well with Apple Music because of the new “Hey Siri” ability, allowing you to ask Siri to do something without reaching for your iPhone


Both AirPod models are at the time of writing rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. Based on more than 50 reviews.

AirPods are a life changing product. It makes your daily life so much easier. I run with them, work out in them, shop in them, sit on the airplane with them and ride the train with them. Almost everything! They never get in the way with anything you’re doing. You feel like they are one within you. They are so simple to use and the new “Hey Siri” functionality comes in great when both of your hands are in use, as in working out or lifting. The battery life is great as well as the new wireless charging feature with the case. Just place them down and they begin to charge. I highly recommend AirPods to almost anyone that wants an Incredible wireless and easy experience with fantastic high-quality audio! – Review by Anthony P

Some customers, however, have not given them a full star rating. Some say they have no bass, while some customers wished they came in different sizes. Currently, it is a one-size fit all situation.

New AirPods

The new AirPods have 50% more talk time, allow for hands-free “Hey Siri”, and are powered by a new Apple-designed H1 Chip. In addition, a new optional Wireless Charging Case is designed to offer the freedom of wireless charging with Qi-compatible charging solutions.

You can read more customer reviews from Apple’s online store. If you’re looking to purchase, Apple is offering free delivery and 14-day returns on all orders.

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