Get a A$70 Apple Gift Card when you buy an Apple TV

How You Can Save on Apple Music, iCloud with iTunes Gift Cards

When retailers discount iTunes Gift Cards most buy them to be able to be able to save on purchases made on the iTunes and App Store. And this is true, for example, if a retailer has 15% off gift cards, you’re going to effectively save 15% off your purchases. But there is more you can save on.

This method of saving can be also used for Apple Music subscriptions, iCloud storage, Apple Books, and more. And the purpose of this article is to explain what, and how.

Apple ID Balance

App Store and iTunes Gift Cards can be redeemed by adding credit to your Apple ID balance. Apple ID is, of course, being the account you log into to make purchases. The balance can be used towards:

  • App Store purchases (Including on iPhone, iPad, and Mac)
  • iTunes Store purchases (Movies, TV Shows, Music, and more)
  • Apple Books Store purchases
  • Apple Music membership/subscription
  • iCloud storage

It can also be used for subscriptions made with the Apps you download. You can learn more about redeeming App Store and iTunes Gift Cards for Apple ID here.

Gift Card Sales

The important step is to buy either the App Store or iTunes Gift Cards during a promotion. Retailers, such as Coles, Woolworths, Harvey Norman, Officeworks, and more discount them often. Usually at 15% off, but can sometimes be even more.

App Store & iTunes Gift Cards

Personally, I buy them to be able to save when purchasing 4K HDR-enabled movies from the iTunes Store. As too, an annual Apple Music subscription which in itself gives you 12-months Apple Music for the price of 10.