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Apple Lowers Minimal Purchase Requirement On Their New Financing Offer

Get 0% interest for 24 months and $50 credit when you buy iPhone

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I recently shared Apple’s new financing offer which is currently running until March 04th, 2019. An offer of 0% Interest-free over 24-months, plus for the first time, A$50 credit with the purchase of any iPhone. However, as of today, they’ve made the offer even better.

It is typical for a financing offer to have a minimum purchase amount required to be eligible. In this case, Apple was requiring that minimal amount to be A$1,000 to be eligible for 0% interest-free over 24-months (2 years). An amount which would not be reached when purchasing certain iPhone models to get the A$50 credit offer.

However, as of today (21st February 2019), Apple has lowered the minimal amount required to just A$700. Meaning it is now possible to buy the most affordable iPhone, the iPhone 7, at just A$749 over 24-months. But it also means it will be much easier to pay off other products under A$1000. For example, the new Apple Watch Series 4.

New 0% Offers from Apple

  • 24 months 0% Interest (A$700 and over)
  • 12 months 0% Interest (A$300 to A$699)
  • 6 months 0% Interest (A$150 to A$299)

The offers expiry of March 4th, 2019 remains. As is purchases made with Apple’s Back To University offer which is running in Australia until March 15th, 2019.

You can learn more about the offer or make a purchase from Apple’s website.

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