Apple Business Chat Arrives To Property Investment Company DPN

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DPN, a property investment company based in Sydney, Australia, is the latest to support Apple Business Chat. A new feature built into iOS that makes communicating with companies safe and secure. They are only the 3rd company in Australia to do so joining Telstra and Harvey Norman. And are the 7th Financial Institution in the world and first in Australia.

With Apple Business Chat, it is now possible to message a local team member at DPN in a way that is safe, and secure. Interestingly, the feature goes beyond simple text. It is rich and interactive with list pickers, image and video content, and more. Making conversations enjoyable and very effective.

DPN is excited to be the first Australian financial institution to be launching Apple Business Chat, a safe and secure way to reach out and get help. We have created a great experience using list pickers and rich content to create innovative and interactive experience. – Sam Khalil CEO.

When beginning a conversation it will be possible to ask for help, then be prompted to make a selection on what you want help with. In the case with DPN, these options include getting help with dual income properties, DPN financing, booking a callback, or simply speaking to a team member.

To use Apple Business Chat simply searching DPN in Safari, Maps, Search or asking Siri. According to DPN, customers can also click the ‘Chat with Messages’ button in the footer on their website. A conversation window will open instantly in the Messages app, and users can take their time responding when it’s convenient.

More information can be found at Apple’s website.

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