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Beddit Releases New Sleep Monitor for iPhone and Apple Watch

Beddit, a company Apple acquired in 2017 has released a new Sleep Monitor accessory, the first since the acquisition. Allowing you to automatically and accurately track your sleep with vital information. Along with the ability to set goals, receive tip notifications and weekly reports, and more.

Automatic Tracking

The new tracker called the Beddit Sleep Monitor automatically tracks your sleep. Measuring necessary information such as your sleep time, heart rate, and breathing and snoring. In addition, it is capable of reading and recording the bedroom temperature and humidity.

All of the information it collects is then stored securely (using encryption) in the Apple Health App on your iPhone. The same app where all your health and exercise data that is recorded by an Apple Watch, health-enabled apps, and accessories. Enabling you to see your sleeping patterns daily, weekly, monthly, or even over the year.

Interestingly to me is how the product is designed and works. It is a soft strip that is just 2mm thin that is simply placed on your mattress. As you lay down it will begin to work automatically. Notably, it works with any sized mattress and if there are one or two people in the bed – although only one person will have their sleep tracked.

Perhaps best of all, you don’t need to wear any tracking device as you sleep. This is a much better design choice in my opinion as there is no possibility of forgetting to put the tracker on.

Key Features

  • Automatically measures sleep time, heart rate, breathing, snoring, and bedroom temperature and humidity
  • Extremely thin, flat and soft sensor strip –– at 2mm thin, you won’t even notice it’s there
  • No wearable necessary
  • Works on any bed, on any size mattress, and with one or two people in the bed
  • Sleep analysis and heart rate data are also stored in the Health app on your iPhone
  • Receive sleep report notifications, bedtime reminders and nudges on your Apple Watch

Pricing and Buying

In Australia, the new Beddit Sleep Monitor (Version 3.5) is priced at an RRP of A$229. It can now be purchased from Apple’s online store with all purchases including free fast delivery and returns.

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