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‘Click Frenzy’ Sale Events and Apple

The latest ‘Click Frenzy‘ sale is set to occur tonight from 7 PM AEDT (Tuesday 13th November 2018). A sale event that takes place online around Australia featuring some of the biggest brands. But is Apple one of them?

It is a question I get asked quite a lot and sadly the answer technically speaking is no. Apple often does not take part in the Click Frenzy event. Likely to keep tight control of their pricing and products which fall into the high-end category.

Some retailers may, and others often list Apple products, but often are not certified resellers meaning the stock is likely imported (That’s an issue for iPhone where international models feature different bands, which allow connection to cellular networks).

Apple’s Offers

Apple does have some ongoing offers already in place which are perfect for online shoppers. It also guarantees stock is genuine and from Australia. These offers include:

If you don’t mind buying stock which may be imported then eBay Australia is worth taking a look at. There you can purchase new, imported, and second-hand/used Apple products including iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, and more.

Tonights Click Frenzy sale begins from 7 PM AEDT (Tuesday 13th November 2018). You can learn more at their website.

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