The Heart of Australia Shot on iPhone Aborigional Girls

Apple Shares ‘The Heart of Australia – Shot on iPhone’ Short Film

With the FIFA World Cup still taking place, Apple has shared a series of new shot on iPhone short films. More specifically, each of them brings focus to soccer and how the sport has made a difference to those in the films.

Each of the three short films, which go for more than 2-minutes in length were captured from an iPhone. Continuing Apple’s long-running Shot on iPhone campaign which saw Apple create a video specific to the celebration of same-sex marriage in Australia. It is also the same campaign which sees photos captured from an iPhone by the general public shared on billboards around the world.

Heart of Australia

This time around Apple has also shot a film in Australia. Titled ‘The Heart of Australia‘, the video shows Aboriginal Australian girls embracing and finding happiness through soccer. In the video, we are introduced to Shadeene Evans who is now 16 years old and playing professional soccer in Sydney. Throughout the video, we learn of her passion for soccer, while getting a glimpse of their cultural heritage.

The Heart of Australia and the two other short films can be viewed on Apple’s YouTube Channel. While you can learn more about the iPhone, including the new iPhone X from Apple’s online store.

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