Quad Lock iPhone X Bike Mount Review

Earlier on in the year, I shared a story on Amvsement about how cycling and my Apple Watch is helping me get back into better health. This time, I want to share my thoughts on the bike mount I’m using for my iPhone X – the Quad Lock Bike Kit.

The bike mount kit I’m using has been designed and created by a company called Quad Lock. While I mainly use my Apple Watch for tracking my ride, it has enabled me to securely attach my iPhone X to my Bike. Thus, allows me to use apps such as Strava, Apple Maps, and more while cycling.

Mount and Case

The product essentially has two parts to it. There is the stem of the mount, then there is a case for my iPhone X. It has a lock at the back which attaches to the stem, among other accessories from Quad Lock. For example, they even have a car mount.

The stem/mount itself is securely attached to my bike with included UV-resistant O-rings and zip ties (which come in two sizes). Quad Lock has designed it in such a way that it can fit a variety of tube sizes and can also be fitted to your handlebars if you prefer. It also isn’t going anywhere.

The second component is a case for my iPhone X, which I can also choose to use as an everyday case. The rear of the case has a mechanism which locks onto the stem with a twist. But it’s the material that has been used to make the case I particularly like. It is made from rubber a tough Polycarbonate material and TPU outer shell, a good material because it will work with wireless chargers, won’t block cell coverage, and won’t scratch my iPhone. It also gives me the confidence the case will last – plastic has a habit of cracking and chipping away over time.

Secure Mounting

The most important task this product has is to securely hold my iPhone X in place. There will be nothing worse than having the iPhone simply fall out mid-ride. I’ve been using the Quad Lock since the beginning of the year and there is no way I can ever see my iPhone X ever falling out. I have complete confidence that my iPhone, which I paid nearly $2,000 for, will be there throughout the ride. It comes down to how the design of the product and process of taking the iPhone off the mount.

iphone X Quad Lock in Health App

While I have found taking the iPhone X off my bike is easy, it does require two hands. Therefore, it isn’t possible it can be done while riding. You actually need to pull down and hold a mechanism on the stem, then twist the iPhone X off. There is no way this can be done naturally. Interestingly, if you pull the iPhone, you can rotate it in both landscape or portrait orientation.


One of the biggest features of the iPhone X is FaceID. It’s a feature where my iPhone will unlock when I simply look at it. I’ve found this feature to work 99.9% of the time. However, when on the bike mount, it is a hit and miss. I suspect it is more to do with the angle I have positioned the mount, and the Bike Helmet I am wearing.

Summary and Buying

Other than the FaceID issue, which isn’t really a fault of the Quad Lock Bike Kit itself, I can’t fault it. As mentioned, I feel completely safe with it holding my nearly $2,000 iPhone in place. I also like the fact that if I was to upgrade my iPhone in the future, I only need to buy another Quad Lock case. Quad-Lock has been designing new cases to fit the existing stem, among other accessories for years.

Quad-Lock is available from a number of retailers around Australia. Including from 99Bikes, who were generous enough to supply the review unit to me. You can buy the Quad Lock Pro Bike Mount and a range of accessories, including the iPhone X Bike Kit, from their online store.

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Very secure
Material used for case
iPhone can be in landscape or portrait
Includes UV-Resistant O-Rings and Zip Ties
FaceID a bit of a miss
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