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Apple Watch Mothers Day

Buying Apple Watch For Mother’s Day: Tips & Advice

The Apple Watch is set to be one of the biggest gifts this year – Mother’s Day included – and if you’re thinking about giving it as a gift yourself, you may have many questions before buying. Which Apple Watch should you buy? What size should I buy? Can the bands be changed?, and more.

This guide will help you find the best watch to buy for Mother’s Day and give you a run down of each type of Apple Watch, sizing, and more.

All Watches Are Equal, Except The Material

Although there are four distinct collections (Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Edition & Apple Watch Hermès) all Apple watches are capable of doing the same thing as each other – they all have identical internal specifications, shape and function, including being able to track Mum’s fitness and health. The differences between the collections come down to the material the watch is made from, and the bands which come with the Watch.

  • Apple Watch Sport: Lightweight anodised aluminium
  • Apple Watch & Apple Watch Hermès: Durable stainless steel
  • Apple Watch Edition: 18-carat solid gold

All available models can be viewed and ordered from the Apple website.

38mm vs 42mm Sizing

Two Apple Watch case sizes are available for each model, a 38mm and 42mm option. The 38mm option is 38.6mm in height and 33.3mm in width while the 42mm is 42.0mm in height and 35.9mm in width. Both the 38mm and 42mm have the same depth of 10.5mm.

Apple Watch 38mm vs 42mm
48mm vs 42mm From The Apple Website

If Mum has a small wrist, 38mm is the better option, but it’s worth mentioning the 42mm has a slightly bigger display and bigger battery.

All Straps Are Changeable

No matter which Apple Watch you buy, Mum will be able to buy separate bands in a range of new colours and styles and add it to her watch by simply sliding her band off.

Apple Watch Straps Mothers Day

A range of new watch bands and straps are available to be purchased from the Apple website, including ones from fluoroelastomer, leather, steel and more. There are even new Woven Nylon Bands available, which I reviewed in a video earlier on.

14 Day Return Policy

The look and style of the Apple Watch is personal, buying it as a gift does come with the risk of them not quite liking it as much as you thought they would. Thankfully Apple does have a good return policy.

When buying the Apple Watch from Apple, you have the option to make a return after 14 calendar days of receiving your order. This applies to both purchases online and in-store at Apple Retail Stores.

Buying An Apple Watch

Apple Watch is available starting at A$439 after receiving a A$80 price cut earlier on in the year. For more information on Apple Watch and to make a purchase please head over to Apple Australia.

You can also compared prices of the Apple Watch at our Apple Watch price comparison page.