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iOS 9: Your iPhone or iPad is about to get even better

In addition to Apple Music, which I wrote about earlier in the week, Apple have also announced iOS 9: the latest release in software which runs on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Like every year they have introduced new features and apps, however this year iOS 9 heavily focuses on improving performance, security and most importantly for some, battery life.

What’s new in iOS 9?

There are four main areas Apple have focused on this year: Built-in Apps, iPad experience, Intelligence & Foundation.

With literally hundreds of new refinements I’ll mention the top best new features coming to iOS 9:



A brand new app from Apple themselves called ‘News,’ which allows you to view and read all the latest news & stories from top news sources and blogs (such as this one) all formatted with interactive digital media such as font styles, images, videos, graphs and more.

You’ll be able to add sources, favourites, search, save and send all your favourite articles.

Notes (now with formatting)


The notes app has been with iPhone from the beginning, and with iOS 9 Apple have given it a refresh by adding formatting such as bullet points, to-do lists, photos and even the ability to sketch.

All Mac computers will also be getting this new notes app.

Maps (with Transit Maps coming)


One of the most requested Map features from many users, including myself, is transit. The great news is Apple have finally added a transit view to their Maps app showing transit lines and stations from trains, buses, trams and subways.

The bad news is no Australian cities will be included at launch, however the feature is there for them to add it in the near future, so let’s hope we see it soon!

Multiple-Apps on iPad

iPad iOS 9 Multi Apps

If you own an iPad you’ll be happy to learn iOS 9 now gives you the ability to run multiple apps at the same time – a feature that will double your productivity, allow many multi-tasking possibilities, and will make iPads a lot more useful and streamlined to use for a range of tasks.

There will be three different ways you can do multiple tasks at the same time including:


iPad picture in picture
iPad picture in picture

Watch videos from apps such as YouTube, Netflix and more while using other apps.

You’ll be able to resize or move the video anywhere on the screen.

Split Screen

iPad split screen
iPad split screen

Run two apps side-by-side at the same time on iPad Air 2 allowing you to interact with both apps at the same time.

You’ll also be able to do tasks such as drag a photo from the photos app to a document on Pages instantly.

Slide Over

iPad slide over
iPad slide over

Simply dragging your finger from the right of the screen will allow you to overlay an app for quick viewing and interaction.

In the above example you’re able to quickly check Twitter while using Safari.

Intelligent Siri & Search

iOS 9 search and Siri

Searching by both typing or asking Siri is much smarter in iOS 9 to the point where many of your questions can be likely answered without using search engine sites.

As an example you can now ask Siri things such as:

  • “Show me videos I took at Ben’s birthday party”
  • “Show me photos I took in Sydney last week”
  • “Remind me about this when I get home” (i.e. a website address from Safari)

Dragging your finger from top down in the middle of the home screen will give you the ability to search – a feature which is currently possible on iOS 8, but with iOS 9 will integrate in a more cohesive way – you’ll be able to search for even more, such as:

  • Weather forecasts such as “Weather in Sydney”
  • Sports scores
  • Calculations and conversions
  • Contacts

Apps will soon be able to link to Spotlight search, so for example, you can find Hotels through search if such apps such as Expedia implement the feature.

Other refinements

  • Better battery life – an hour longer and a new low power option for an additional 3 hours.
  • Smaller updates – iOS 9 takes 1.3 GB rather than 4.3 GB required for iOS 8.
  • Faster performance for apps.
  • Passwords now six-digits for better security.
  • Move from Android to iOS easier by downloading a new ‘Move’ app to your iPhone or iPad. You’ll easily be able to transfer information from your old Android device to your new device.

Australian release date

By now you’re probably wondering when does iOS 9 come out in Australia?

Unfortunately Apple have not given any official date just yet, however they have said it’s coming “Fall” (Spring for us!)


Free! You do not have to pay for the new iOS update on any of your devices.

Compatible models

iOS 9 is able to be installed on any model which runs iOS 8 including:

  • iPhone 4S – iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPad Air and iPad Air 2
  • iPad 2 – 4
  • All iPad Mini models