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Yaoband’s iPad Your Verse

Yaoband’s iPad ‘Your Verse’ Ad

This week Apple has continued it’s ‘What’s Your Verse’ iPad ads with a new ad featuring the Chinese band Yaoband. With iPad they have the power to create their music easily on the go exploring new sounds with every beat.

With iPad, Luke Wang has the power to make every show unique. “I’ll add new apps, new techniques, and new ideas during the show,” he says.

By adding fresh elements to the music, even in a live performance, Yaoband lives up to its vision of an ever-evolving sound. “Creativity and innovation are the essence of music,” says Peter. “For us they’re what keep the power of music alive.”

Feng and Wang use a number of apps on their iPad including: iMaschineiMPCMusic StudioNotesMIDI Designer ProFigure, and TouchOSC.

iPad is available from the Apple Online Store.

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