Apple iPhone trade in Australia – Information

Apple Australia has announced it’s ‘Upgrade your iPhone’ trade in program is now available in Australia, giving you credit up to $250.

Apple Retail Stores

What is the program?

Apple will give you credit for your old iPhone or iPad to purchase towards a new one, up to $250.

  1. Simply take your old iPhone or iPad into any official Apple Retail Store.
  2. Depending on the condition, size and generation of the iPhone you will get given up to $250.
  3. Purchase a new iPhone at a cheaper price.

Which models can I trade-in?

  • iPhone 3GS or older – NOT acceptable
  • iPhone 4, 4s
  • iPhone 5,5c & current model 5s
  • Selected iPad models (Working to clarify which models with Apple at time of writing)

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