MAC1 Trade & Save

MAC1 Launches ‘Trade & Save’, get cash for your Apple products

MAC1 Trade & Save

Apple Reseller MAC1 have launched a new service where you can trade in your old Apple devices for Cash!

MAC1 Trade & Save

Simply head over to the MAC1 website here, select which products you wish to trade, it’s condition and you’ll be given an amount you’ll be paid!

You can trade most products including:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • or Mac computers.

How much will I get?

All depends on what product, how old the generation of the product and it’s condition however here are some examples I got:

  • 16 GB iPhone 5 (condition ‘Functional’): $252
  • 32 GB iPhone 5  (condition ‘Functional’): $311
  • 15-inch late 2013 MacBook Pro: $622
  • 13-inch late 2013 MacBook Air: $408

All prices can be calculated at their website.

MAC1 Website