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Apple TV Update brings TV Shows to Australia

Apple TV Australian Home Screen

Apple has just released a free software update for the Apple TV bringing TV Shows to Australia!

You will now be able to purchase and watch TV Shows from the iTunes Store directly from your Apple TV to your TV set.

Cost of a TV Show from Apple TV

TV episodes cost about $2.99 AUD each, you will be able to re-watch them as many times as you like.

How to Update Apple TV

Wondering how to update your Apple TV to get TV Shows?

All you need to do to get this update is:

  1. Turn on your Apple TV
  2. It should say Update is available
  3. Update your Apple TV.
  4. Otherwise to go settings > General > Update

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  1. I just returned my Apple TV yesterday, for several reasons. The main one being, it’s too damn expensive to maintain when you already have regular cable. Mirroring is pretty cool, but without flash, all you really have is Quicktime and Youtube videos. And I guess I’ll just buy the iTV next year (if it’s worth paying extra).

    1. Apple has pulled the TV Shows ability for Australia and other countries including Canada since I wrote this :( sorry I have not yet updated is post. When Apple do bring TV shows again to the Apple TV for here in Australia it should appear automatically :)

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