Telstra turns on 4G network – What is it? Learn More

Telstra’s 4G Network Live Now!

What does it mean for you, for your Mac, iPad and iPhone?

UPDATE: For iPad 3 and 4G/LTE please read our updated article here >>

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What is Telstra 4G?

It’s a new type of mobile wireless coverage technology that is much better than 3G. It will:

  • Be much much faster. How Fast? Up to 40 Mbps (3G is max about 7.2 Mbps)
  • Allow you to upload (e.g Upload a photo to Facebook) much much faster and quicker. Upload a powerpoint presentation of 10MB in under 15 seconds.
  • Won’t slow down as much as 3G does in peak hour.
  • Allow you to even download a HD movie while tweeting or checking email!

Can iPhone or iPad 1 or 2 use Telstra 4G?

No because they don’t have the hardware to use 4G. iPhone and iPad (3G models) do allow you to use the current 3G networks which are still quite fast.

Can the new iPhone 4s work on Telstra 4G?

No iPhone 4S does not do 4G technology. However 3G speeds are twice as fast over iPhone 4.

When can I use iPhone or iPad 1 or 2 on Telstra 4G Network?

It won’t be possible with current iPhone or iPad models. If Apple announce a 4G compatible phone this page will be updated.

Can my Mac use Telstra 4G?

You can use Telstra 4G on your Mac such as MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air etc.

You can only use this by using Telstra’s 4G USB Modem as detailed here >>

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Telstra 4G Coverage

At this stage coverage is limited to  “all capital CBD’s, associated airports and selected regional locations with their [Telstra] new 4G USB.”

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  1. Any new updates on iPhone compatibilities? Holding off buying a new phone (i have a iPhone 3) till it’s compatible with 4G

  2. I’m not happy that my iPhone 4S doesn’t support 4G :(
    The 4G coverage map shows that Telstra 4G covers most of the inner city suburbs in Adelaide. Too bad.

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