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Apple Retail Store 2.0 Event this weekend in Australia [Updated]

Theres something interesting happening this weekend at Apple retails stores around Australia and then the rest of the world to mark the 10th anniversary of Apple retail stores.

Apple Stores around Australia will be closed from 6pm – 6am (Saturday 21st) and from Sunday will unveil Apple Retail 2.0.

Update: I have a update from twitter

just went, they have party hats and iPads as the info things next to products.

We have heard its a “new” major product launch, its possible its a one-day sale.

This Saturday (21st), all Australian (at least) retail stores will under go visual merchandising from 6pm – 6am (22nd). A sheet will be raised to prevent any one seeing inside, and from 6am – 10am, all apple retail staff will participate in a compulsory meeting.

Something big? VM is rarely so private, and is never followed by an all staff meeting.

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