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Next iPhone 3G – More hints [Updated]

It seems now that a day can’t go by without another hint of a new iPhone being found or rumored. WWDC 2009 is just a few months away; the same conference Apple announced the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G last year. Its highly likely that Apple are going to announce a new iPhone this year.

Apple currently has released a new software version of their iPhone OS: firmware 3.0 to testers. Over the last two weeks developers have torn through the firmware to find any hints at a new product, it didn’t take long for that to happen.

  1. References to four products were found in iPhone 3.0.
  2. ‘Upload Video’ Screen Suggests Video Capabilities in Next iPhone
  3. 802.11n and Video Editing found
  4. iPhone Video Recording Interface, Digital Compass, Voice Control and Auto-Focus Camera

The next iPhone is said to have 3.2MP or 5MP cameras and come in a 32GB high version and cheaper low end version.

Update: Apple has just orderd 100million 8GB flash chips

That’s twice the size of the order reported last year. The tiny memory chips are then recombined during manufacturing into the larger 16GB, 32GB, and so on capacities we expect to find in our handheld consumer electronics. Anyone still doubting new Apple handhelds in June?

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