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iPhone 3G: Buy now or wait?

Whens the next iPhone coming out? Should i buy now or wait? These questions seem to be very common and for those who are looking for the answer i hope this gives you a insight on making a decision for you.

Whens the next iPhone coming?

There is no official answer to when the next iPhone is coming out, however there is a very strong chance that the next iPhone is going to be either announced or released at the WWDC conference in san fransico this June. This Apple conference is the same conference where the original iPhone was announced in 2007 and also the iPhone 3G last year. The iPhone is a developers heaven enabeling them to create applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch, it makes sense to announce new iPhones at a developers conference.

Apple announced firmware 3.0; a operating system update for the current iPhones (and iPod Touches), while its available now for developers (who will be testing the software on their current iPhones) it will not be available to the public until June this is following the same path as firmware 2.0 which was released along side iPhone 3G. Again this it makes sense to release the iPhone firmware 3.0 with the next iPhone 3.0.

Not only has firmware 3.0 expanded the iPhones capability and features it has also given hints to un-released products and new iPhone models which further proves a new iPhone is coming along side of its release. These hints have been hidden in the code of firmware 3.0 which developers have found. The iPhone rumor mill has been quite busy lately, sure rumors are not always right but when there is many articles the evidence gets stronger, many sources have indicated of a new iPhone model being developed. You can keep up with Apple mac rumors here.

Buy now or wait?

So this brings the question should you buy a iPhone 3G now or wait? Personally if you can wait i say wait until June, if you can’t wait buy now the current iPhone 3G is still a revolutionary mobile phone. The next iPhone is likely to offer faster Wi-Fi, 3G, 32GB storage, 3.2 MP camera and video, but anything can happen Apple do have their surprises.

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