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Apple Questioned Again about a Mac Netbook

As usual, Apple executives were questioned about the possibility of an Apple netbook during today’s financial results conference call. The issue has been raised a number of times but continues to be a hot topic given the fact that inexpensive netbooks seems to be boosting PC manufacturers’ unit sales numbers.

Apple executive Tim Cook replied to the questions with a similar response as in the past. Cook said that when he looks at the existing netbook market, he sees cramped keyboards, terrible software, junky hardware and very small screens. While Apple is still looking at the space, they have no interest in putting the Mac brand on these types of devices. Cook notes that if they do find a way to deliver an innovative product that makes a real contribution, Apple will pursue it.

Despite Cook’s denials, rumors have persisted that Apple has been ramping up a 10″ Netbook with a possible touch screen. As Cook details, it seems unlikely that if Apple does enter the market, that a Mac netbook would resemble many of the existing low-cost devices currently available.

Source: Macrumors

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