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Ten Signs a New iPhone is Coming Soon

9to5Mac has posted a list of ten signs that points to a new iPhone coming soon.

The 10 signs

1. AT&T is selling refurbs for $99 (again) with activation and plan

2. O2 is giving away free iPhones with their low cost plans (not their expensive plans)

3. AT&T and Apple are now selling iPhones without contract (or second line) knowing that more will go Jailbroken this way. (If you have $600-$700 to spend)

4. France is now selling them unlocked at department stores.

5. China Unicom might get offloaded a few million on May 17th, ahead of new model.

6. AT&T executives have the new models for testing and are so excited they can’t keep their mouths shut.

7. UK retailers are selling unlocked 3G iPhones.

8. WWDC, the traditional launching pad for new iPhones was announced yesterday. It will be June 8-12th.

9. Remember all of those extra iPhone part numbers found in the 3.0 build? Yeah, those can’t all be Tablets.

10. Steve Jobs is coming back at the end of June. You don’t think he will be empty handed do you?

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