Sonos PLAY + Bonus Apple Music

Purchase an eligible Sonos PLAY Speaker from Apple online Australia to receive a free 3-month bonus Apple Music Gift Card which can be used towards an Apple Music subscription.

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Eligible Sonos Speakers

Buy either a PLAY:1 or PLAY:5 Wireless Sonos Speaker from Apple online to receive your Apple Music bonus gift card.

Sonos PLAY:5 Wireless Speaker

Was A$749.95 A$699.95

The PLAY:5 Sonos Wireless Speaker is their biggest and best sounding speaker highly suitable for filling your home with high-quality sound.

The speaker is designed with built-in Wi-Fi allowing you to wireless stream and control your favourite music directly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.

Sonos PLAY:1 Wireless Speaker

Was A$299.95 A$249.95

The PLAY:1 Sonos Wireless Speaker is their smallest speaker available suitable for being placed in small places around your home or business such as the bookshelf, desk, etc.

While small the speaker is still capable of delivering high-quality sound which you can wireless stream from your iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi. You can also sync multiple PLAY speakers around your home.

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Sonos Speaker Videos

Learn more about the Sonos PLAY:1 and PLAY:5 from these official videos.