Great Reasons To Buy Mac, iPad or iPhone

Get a insight of the great features and software you experience by using a Apple Mac Computer.

 You will soon learn why you buying a Mac more than just a physical computer!

OS X Lion


What is OS X Lion?

OS X Lion is the operating system that run’s on all Mac computers. It’s the worlds most advanced desktop operating system.

If your don’t know what a operating system is it’s the software system that runs on Computers. For example the features, folders, windows etc you see on your screen.

It’s what Windows is on other PC’s however OS X for Mac is much more easier to use, with many features designed to help you use your Mac better.

What’s so great

Apple build their Mac’s and Software (OS X Lion) together in mind, so they both work really well together.

It’s also very easy to use and learn. Apple even provide free lessons at their Retail Stores on using OS X!

App, iTunes & iBooks Store 


Apple has a number of content-stores allowing you to either purchase or download free content for your devices. The great thing is not only is it easy to find content but your downloads will be pushed and downloaded to all your devices automatically.

  • App Store – Find new applications (software) for your Mac, iPad etc.  All designed for that product, virus free! There are hundreds of thousands to choose from!
  • iTunes Store – Music, TV Shows, Movies and more!
  • iBooks Store – Download e-books such as this guide!
  • Newsstand – Find and subscribe to new magazines on your iPhone or iPad!

iLife Suite

What is iLife?

A free suite of apps (programs) which come with every new Mac your purchase, making your Mac even better!

No need to spend extra money on other programs, you get a set of programs you will actually use!

What comes with iLife?

  • iPhoto – Manage, edit, share all your photos.
  • iMovie – Import, View, Edit & Share your videos.
  • Garage Band – Create, Learn and share music.

What’s even better Apple provide free lessons of ilife with even mac purchase, so don’t worry if you don’t know how to use these programs! :)


What is iCloud and what does it mean for me?

iCloud is a free cloud service Apple provides that syncs your Mac, iPhone, iPad etc automatically with each other in a number of ways.

Here are some ways iCloud may be beneficial to you:

  • Take a photo using your iPhone or iPad and the automatically show up on your Mac without having to do anything.
  • Working on a document in Pages on your Mac and it automatically shows up on your iPad/iPhone. Then you edit the file on your iPad or iPhone and it automatically uploads to your Mac.
  • Your contacts, calendars and events all sync up automatically.

iCloud is designed to make your life easier and similar with using your Mac Computer and all your devices! No other company offers such a service.

Free lessons at Retail Stores

Don’t know how to use a computer?

It’s okay! Whats great about Apple is they provide free lessons when you purchase a new Mac at their Retail Stores!

Learn something new by taking a free workshop at an Apple Retail Store. All of our workshops — including new hands-on workshops — are free.

At a workshop, you can learn the basics of the Mac, iPod, iPhone or iPad. Find out how to create instant slideshows in iPhoto, rent movies using Apple TV or get restaurant directions on iPhone. Serious photographers, filmmakers and musicians will even find workshops on our powerful pro applications. Be sure to sign up in advance to reserve a spot. You’ll have a great time and learn new skills.

No Viruses or trial software

Seriously …

If you have used a windows-based computer before you will know all about viruses slowing down your computer and causing problems.

Apple Mac Computers do not get viruses – Seriously. You don’t even need to purchase any virus scanning software! – Don’t get sucked into buying those programs!

No annoying Software

When you purchase a Apple Computer you will not get any trial software that you usually get when you purchase a windows based computer.

Since Apple builds the computer and the software they don’t allow any company to put trial software in for advertising reasons.

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