Storage space – Apple Buyers Guide

Wondering which size iPad or iPhone to purchase?

Learn how much space things take up on iPad or iPhone to help you decide which model to purchase.

What is a ‘GB’?

Is a figure of a size of data/storage space, you don’t have to understand it too much.

1GB = 1000MB, a photo is approx. 4MB while a HD Movie uses 7GB.

How much space do i need?

Every time you install an app, or store a TV Show, Movie, Song or Photo on a iPhone/iPad it takes up storage space. You are able to purchase iPads and iPhones in different storage sizes example ’16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB’ etc.

Below is a guide to how many ‘GBs’ will be used up by a particular item:

Single  item Space Used (1000MB = 1GB)
App (Small – Most apps) 10 MB
App (Medium) 50 MB
App (Large – Big Game etc) 500 MB
Photo 4 MB
Song 7 MB
HD Movie (1080p) 7 GB
HD TV Show (1080p) 1.8 GB

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