Looking to purchase an Apple Mac computer this Christmas? In this guide, you can get a quick overview on each Mac including the MacBook range to get a better idea of which one will be the best gift.

You can explore more about each Mac computer from Apple online.


Prices from A$1,999

The MacBook is the smallest, lightest, and thinnest Apple notebook available making it the most portable. This makes it particularly great for anyone who will likely to be carrying around a notebook all day for example students or anyone who frequently travels. With a 12-inch Retina Display, this MacBook includes all day battery life, a revolutionary new keyboard, Force Trackpad, and is available in four colours.

  • Just 13.1mm thin and 920 g light.
  • Perfect for students and anyone who regularly travels.
  • 10-hours battery life
  • Great for all the basic tasks, photo and video editing, etc.

Despite its size, it still delivers great performance however if you’re buying for someone who is likely to run intensive applications particularly for those in the fields of graphic design, engineering, architecture, large amounts of video editing, etc I would suggest the new MacBook Pro.

New Apple MacBook Pro

New MacBook Pro

Prices from A$2,199

Only recently announced the MacBook Pro is Apple’s professional notebook range designed to deliver the best performance in speed and graphics. Offering large 13-inch and 15-inch Retina displays, a revolutionary Touch Bar and Touch ID this notebook will be a great present for those who are going to use intensive applications or enjoy a lot of gaming.

  • Apple’s professional portable notebook
  • Large 13-inch and 15-inch Retina Displays
  • Professional photography and video editing

The MacBook Pro will especially be suitable for those interested in graphic design, engineering/architecture, video editing, etc. If you are buying for someone only looking for the basics like email, document creation, or general browsing I’d consider the 12-inch MacBook or MacBook Air.

MacBook Air

Prices from A$1,549

The MacBook Air is the most affordable Apple notebook computer available making it great for those on a budget, or don’t require the best. The MacBook Air has long battery life and is still very portable but it won’t be the MacBook that will deliver the greatest performance – fine for basic apps but for anything more I’d consider the new MacBook or MacBook Pro.

  • The cheapest MacBook
  • Standard 13-inch display (not retina)
  • Basic photo, video editing, and applications

Unlike the MacBook and MacBook Pro the MacBook Air does not include a Retina Display (where the human eye cannot differentiate pixels) instead comes with a standard display – despite the larger size the 12-inch display in the MacBook will be much better.


Prices from A$1,699

The iMac is Apple’s desktop computer meaning this is a great option for those buying for someone who will love to have this at their desk at home or the office. With large 21.5-inch and 27-inch displays, the iMac will run just about every application which the entire family will love.

  • Great for family’s and businesses
  • Large 21.5-inch and 27-inch displays
  • Will run basic and intensive applications well

While this is an all-in-one Mac (the computer hardware is behind the display) a MacBook will be more suitable for those who are looking for portability.

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