Buying Your First Mac

Buying your first Mac should be easy! Follow this guide to learn more about Mac to help you decide why buy Mac and which mac to purchase!

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What is Mac?

Mac is the series of computer products named by Apple Inc. Including Desktop Computers and Notebook/Laptops you see in the above picture.

Why Buy Apple Mac?

You will be very happy with your Mac purchase heres why:

  • Quality – Great design and build quality.
  • Battery Life – Much better and longer than other computer products.
  • Longer lasting – Metal material not plastic.
  • Virus Free – No longer worry about viruses Windows PCs get.
  • Easy Repairs – Just take your Apple to a Apple Retail Store to get fixed!
  • Help – Get help and support at Apple Retail Stores.
  • You get OS X Lion free!
  • You get iLife free!


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What is OS X Lion?

It’s what’s Windows is for PCs its the main operating system that runs on your Mac. Learn more at Apple >>[/tab]

[tab title=”What Is iLife?”]

What is iLife?

iLife is a suite of products that will help you manage & share your photos, create and edit movies/film and more! Perfect for anyone!

  • Import Photos from your camera
  • Save photos in ‘events’.
  • Share photos to your family/friends very easy.
  • Basic Editing of your photos.
  • Plenty More Features!
  • Import videos from your video camera.
  • Share videos to your family/friends very easy.
  • Easily create movies & film.
  • Plenty more features!

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