Apple Mac Buying Tips

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Buying Tips

If your looking at buying a new Mac here are some tips that you may find helpful:

1.) Know which mac

Most know which mac is best for them before buying however if you are unsure check out which mac is best for you (click) this section will give you a outline of all the mac products Apple sell, as well as highlighting which mac is best for you, and who not so good for. This will be your first step in finding the best deal.

Secondly check out our reviews section to find out how the mac your interested in rated.

2.) When will apple release new Macs?

If your considering buying a new Mac but worried apple when apple might update it check out our when to buy section here, while Apple can unexpectedly update their products usually they do so at certain times of the year. So before you buy that mac, check it out to save being disappointed by a new model coming out.

3.) Search for cheapest prices & specials.

We all want to buy our macs cheaper than the price Apple charge. You can find deals and specials here on this very website. Simply visit each product page such as the MacBook and you will be finding the cheapest price and specials in no time. Check out our news section, i will be posting all the latest mac deals and specials, check back regularly for updates.

If you plan to shop around and bargain i recommend these tips:

– Check the cheapest deals and specials on this website. Visit each product page using the navigation above. Or start by checking the MacBook.

– Ask for 10% off. Many users are able to get 10% off by simply bargaining from shop to shop, getting 10% off is most likely in JB-HiFi stores and dicksmith stores as they offer 10% off specials every few months.

– Apple offer educational discounts on all their macs. Ask for them in store its a great way to start bargaining with salesman.

Apple offer educational discounts on most of their products on the apple store. If you are currently a student in K-6, high-school, uni, tafe and other educational institutions or a teacher at any of these you are apple to purchase products at a discount. Simply visit the educational store on the apple store to see educational prices.

4.) Share your deal

If you get a good deal, especially if your price is cheaper than ones listed on this website let us know sharing dockets if the best way this helps others find the best deals. Who knows maybe you will pick up another deal in the future.