Learn Coding In Apple Stores With A Free Hour of Code Workshop

Apple Australia has opened registrations for a free workshop called Hour of Code which will take place at Apple Stores around Australia between December 5th – 11th. Apple has also released resources for anyone who is interested in teaching or hosting their own coding workshop.

Hour of Code is a free workshop which teaches the basics of computer science with programming tutorials by Code.org. This year the workshop will include an introduction to Swift Playgrounds, a free iPad app which allows you to learn Swift Coding – Apple’s programming language which beginners and professionals use to create apps.


To register for the Hour Of Code workshop in Australia simply head over to the Apple website to find the nearest store to you. If you are not able to attend or you are interested in teaching Swift coding Apple have also released an Hour of Code with Swift Playgrounds Facilitator guide.

You can also discover a range of educational and coding accessories designed for iPad, iPhone, and more here.

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