New Apple TV Siri Integration Showcased In New Ad, ‘The Kiss’

A week after releasing an iPhone 6s hands-free Siri ad featuring Cookie Monster, Apple has again chosen to highlight Siri in a new commercial, this time showing how Siri can be used with the new Apple TV.

The all-new Apple TV was released last September and brings a whole lot of new features including apps, an App Store to your TV, Apple Music and a brand new remote called the Siri remote. This new remote allows you to navigate through apps and features on the Apple TV by using your voice with Siri, such as searching for a range of movies and TV shows, asking to play a certain song from Apple Music and even dictation (for entering passwords and usernames in apps, etc). This voice control functionality of the new Apple TV is heavily showcased in a new ad called ‘The Kiss’.

Staring Nikolaj Coster-Walau from Game Of Thrones and Alison Brie (Man Men, Community) the ad begins with both Nikolaj and Alison kissing, ending abruptly to show Brie is observing Nikolajs performance in “1,000 Time Good Night,” while becoming frustrated with their own off-screen performance. She tells Siri to “go back 7 seconds to re-watch the scene,” using a voice rewind feature,  which can be done while you watch any video from the new Apple TV.

“Siri find Game Of Thrones”

Alison is then seen asking Siri to “find Game Of Thrones,” however Nikolaj grabs the remote and instead asks Siri to open Apple Music to “play some Jeremih.”

The ad only touches on all the possible things you can do with Siri integrated with the new Apple TV, but shows just how easy it is to navigate through various apps. To learn more about the new Apple TV head over to

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