Learn About Live Photos On iPhone 6s With This New Video By Apple

Apple have introduced a brand new short video highlighting one of the biggest new features of the new iPhone 6s – Live Photos. The video goes on to explain how Live Photos are more than just photos, making your photos come alive.

Live Photos is a new feature which will turn your still photos into real life by simply capturing a photo as you normally do, and pressing on your photo with the new 3D Touch. The iPhone actually captures a few seconds before and after as you take a photo, complete with sound.

The iPhone 6s shoots photos that come alive when you touch them. And when they do, you get much more than just a picture.

The video showcases everyday people using this new feature, from taking photos of animals, kids, driving, and in the snow. All their photos have been captured automatically as a Live Photo. The static still photo is still there, but with a simple press the photos become alive revealing the moment it was captured with video and sound.

The new iPhone 6s is available from the Apple Online Store, there you can make a purchase or learn more about the new iPhone.


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