Stream the Australian Open Tennis From the New Apple TV & More

Australians will be able to watch and enjoy the 2016 Australian Open Tennis series from a range of Apple Devices including the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and from your TV with the new Apple TV the 7Tennis App by the Seven Network. It is the first time the Seven Network has been able to bring an app to your TV with Apple launching the App Store on Apple TV late in 2015.

The 7Tennis app will allow you to stream and watch the Australian Open for free, with additional footage such as press conferences, highlights and more. The benefits of streaming the event will include over 2,000 hours of additional footage such as press conferences, highlights plus live scores, catch-up, and much more.

The cornerstone for Seven’s expanding coverage will be the brand new 7Tennis mobile app with over 2,000 hours of live, exclusive and free tennis, catch-up and on- demand highlights.

The Seven Network has also confirmed plans to bring a similar app for the 2016 Olympics in Rio, and stream other major sporting events such as the Melbourne Cup, Golf and more.

Watch from Apple Devices

The 7Tennis can be installed free from the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch – as well as on the brand new Apple TV, which launched only a few months ago.

7Tennis Australian Open new Apple TV
7Tennis on the New Apple TV

The New Apple TV, a small device which connects to your current TV via HDMI, brings a huge range of apps and other content such as iTunes Movies/TV Shows, Apple Music and hundreds of other apps from the App Store. The New Apple TV can be purchased from the Apple Online Store starting at $269, in time for the Australian Open.

Please note the App Store (therefore 7Tennis) is only available from the New Apple TV and not the standard Apple TV.


  • 14 days of the Australian Open
  • Watch every Game, Set & Match of the Australian Open
  • Over 2,000 hours of streamed only video
  • Over 500 hours of Broadcast Tennis
  • 16 additional live streams of courts
  • 5 Tennis tournaments
  • All completely free


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