The New Apple TV, The Future Of TV Is Now Available

When Apple announced their take on the future of television, they didn’t reveal a whole entire TV set. What they did reveal was a small set-top-box as a new revision of their Apple TV product, which connects to your current TV set, giving you the future of TV now. This comes in the form of apps.

The wait for the future of TV is over with the new Apple TV, which is now available to purchase from the Apple Online Store (including free delivery), along with  a range of accessories.

“The all-new Apple TV brings a revolutionary experience to the living room based on apps built for the television. It’s built from the ground up with a new generation of high-performance hardware and introduces an intuitive and fun user interface using the Siri Remote.” – Apple

For the first time, developers can have apps – adding to the already impressive library of content related apps on the exisiting Apple TV. In addition, Apple TV now natively runs its own operating system called tvOS (based on iOS) which means the possibilities for creativity, innovation, games and other apps are limitless.

New Apple TV App Store
App Store comes to your TV.

Apple have also redesigned the remote called ‘Siri Remote,’ which has made navigating and using the device even more simple. As the name implies, the new remote allows you to search your favourite TV shows, movies, music and other content with voice instructions. But more than that, you can ask to sort TV shows by a certain genre, or to “find all movies starring Matt Damon,” and you will be given a list – not just from Apple’s iTunes library, but across the different apps including the popular Netflix and Stan streaming services.

Technical Specifications

• 32 or 64GB hard drive, for storing content
• tvOS and SDK for developer applications
• Redesigned, rechargeable Siri Remote with touchpad and voice functionality
• A8 chip to enable gaming, and even better streaming performance


There are two models available, both are exactly the same with the difference being in storage size. The entry level new Apple TV will cost A$269 for 32 GB of storage while for A$349 you can get one with 64 GB of storage.

Before you buy you may want to know which one to buy? Apple states if you plan to use the new Apple TV to stream movies, TV programs and music, or to play a few apps and games here and there you’ll be likely fine with the 32 Gb model. If your plan is to do a lot more than this such as playing a lot of games and apps then you may want to consider the 64 GB model.

  • 32GB: $269
  • 64GB: $349

The new Apple TV is available to purchase now from the Apple Online Store, where you can also learn more about Apple TV.

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