The much faster, lighter, capable new iPad Mini 4

When Apple held a keynote in September to announce a number of new products including the iPad Pro and iPhone 6s you’d be excused if you didn’t know they also announced a brand new iPad Mini – the iPad Mini 4. That’s because they spent only 30 seconds out of the more than an hour show to reveal it, but it happens to be one of the best upgrades to the iPad Mini range in years.

The iPad Mini 4 is as if Apple grabbed the current generation iPad Air 2 and shrunk it down to the iPad Mini size, resulting in a iPad Mini which is much more powerful than before and a design which is much thinner and lighter.

A much faster, thinner, lighter and capable iPad Mini.

Add the new iOS 9 onto the iPad Mini 4 which brings split screen, better multi tasking and many more features; making this the best iPad Mini yet.

What’s new

Starting with design the iPad Mini 4 is 18% thinner at just 6.1mm and coming in at just 298.8 grams to be exact. This doesn’t just make it the lightest iPad but with it’s compact size it’s the easiest iPad to carry around with the mini fitting in just about all bags and small handbags.

iPad Mini 4 size
Perfect size to carry everywhere.

Overall the appearance of the iPad is very similar to previous models; the 7.9-inch Retina Display is there along with a camera at the front and back, Touch ID, Microphones and the same aluminium design in Space Grey, Silver and Gold (sadly no Rose Gold as seen on the new iPhone 6s). The volume controls are still there on the side but what has changed is the removal of the mute switch, not a big issue since this can be all done with iOS 9.

The redesigned display also delivers greater colour saturation than before — 44 per cent more.

The Retina Display has been redesigned with the display now much vivid and brighter than before but remaining at the same 7.9-inch size. Apple has also delivered greater colour saturation than before – 44 per cent more.

Performance is another area Apple have focused on; the iPad Mini 4 is 30% faster and has 60% faster graphics which makes a big difference in the speed of apps and games.

iPad Mini 4 split screen
Split screen apps (Safari left, Pages right)

Most importantly the new multi-tasking features of iOS 9 for iPad includes the ability to run apps side by side with ‘Split View’, watch a video while using an app with ‘Picture in Picture’ or open an app on the side with ‘Slide Over’. This will greatly change the way you can use your iPad effectively doubling productivity over previous models.

For example with split view you can work on a document with the Pages app while having the Safari app opened at the same time, both apps are usable and running.

iPad Mini 4 Split View
Split View
iPad Mini 4 Picture in Picture
Picture in Picture
iPad Mini 4 Slide Over
Slide Over

The iPad Mini 4 is the only iPad Mini capable of this split view feature thanks to it’s performance (as well as the iPad Air 2 and new iPad Pro) while picture in picture and the slide over feature possible on the iPad Mini 2 and iPad Mini 3.

  • Capable of iOS 9 split screen apps, better multi-tasking doubling your productivity
  • 30% faster, 60% faster graphics
  • Lighter and thinner than before
  • Improved display

Pricing & Where To Buy

The iPad Mini 4 is available to purchase from the Apple Online Store, all Apple Retail Stores and major retail stores.

Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + Cellular models are available with the option of 16GB, 64GB and 128GB in storage in both models, starting at A$569 for the 16 GB Wi-Fi only model, going up to A$989 for the 128 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular model.

  • 16 GB (Wi-Fi only): A$569
  • 16 GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular): A$729
  • 64 GB (Wi-Fi only): A$699
  • 64 GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular): A$859
  • 128 GB (Wi-Fi only): A$829
  • 128 GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular): A$989

The Apple Education Discount Offer does include the new iPad Mini 4 which will give you A$30 off each model by purchasing from the Apple Education Online Store, available for university students, teachers and parents buying for students.

You can learn, compare and choose which model is right for you at the Apple Online Store.

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4 thoughts on “The much faster, lighter, capable new iPad Mini 4

  • “Most importantly though the new multi-tasking features in iOS 9 for iPad which includes the ability to even run two apps side by side is possible making it the only iPad Mini capable of doing this.”
    This is misleading, as the earlier iPad mini do the same job.

    Thought about buying iPad Mini 4 too, but paying a few hundred bucks more for almost the same product, I went for a iPad Mini 2 instead.

    • Thanks for your feedback – I’m referring to the new ‘Split View’ in iOS 9 which allows you to run two apps side by side at the same time: Only the iPad Mini 4 can do this (As well as the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro).

      However I will admit the iPad Mini 2 & 3 can do the ‘Slide Over’ and ‘Picture in Picture’ feature so I will look at clarifying that paragraph.



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