New 2015 iMac Range Now Available With New 21.5-inch 4k Retina Display & more

Apple have one aim with the iMac range, to design and craft the Ultimate desktop experience and have done so over the years by bringing the hardware and display in one stunning design that is just 5 mm at the edges.

That desktop experience got even better with the announcement of updates to the entire family of iMac models all of which are now available from the Apple Online Store. Apple are continuing with offering the iMac in two display sizes: 21.5-inch and a massive 27-inch size (measured diagonally) however there is a significant addition to the 21.5-inch range – a stunning new Retina 4K display model.

Retina 21.5-inch Display
Retina 21.5-inch Display

For the first time you can buy a 21.5-inch iMac with a 4k Retina Display, this display brings much sharper text, more spectacular images and videos and amazing graphics. This also means this display is capable of viewing the 4K resolution video the new iPhone 6s is able to shoot in – 4 times the resolution of your Full HD TV.

The new Retina displays make photos and videos more immersive and true-to-life thanks to a wider colour gamut and spectacular image quality.

As a comparison these 21.5-inch 4k Retina Displays bring 9.4 million pixels and 4.5 times more pixels than the standard 21.5-inch iMac display – a substantial difference. The 27-inch 5k Retina Display remains but part of todays announcement is every 27-inch iMac now includes this 5k Retina display removing the 27-inch non-retina models.

These displays also make the iMac the perfect computer for those who work in the graphic design, photography and video industry. They have been designed to be precision perfect.

“These are the most stunning iMacs we’ve ever made. With our gorgeous new Retina displays, more powerful processors and graphics and all-new Magic accessories, the new iMac continues to redefine the ultimate desktop experience.” – Apple

With the previous iMac models being almost a year old now all the other upgrades have arrived as you’d expect. They’re much faster than before thanks to a faster improved Intel CPU, better graphics and faster Wi-Fi networking perfect for streaming video & files. They’re are also major updates to the range of Magic accessories …

all-new Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2
All-new Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2

Every iMac comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse with the option to upgrade to a trackpad, all three of these products have been completely re-designed and also announced with the new iMac Range. These new accessories are also available to purchase from the Apple Online Store separately.

Apple promises they’re much more comfortable to use than before and are more environmentally friendly. The Trackpad includes Force Touch as seen in the new MacBook, the keys on the Magic Keyboard are much more sturdier while all including the Magic Mouse 2 now have built-in batteries. They simply charge via the same lightning cable you use for your iPhone but last about a month or more.

What’s New Summary

  • New 21.5-inch 4K Display model
  • All 27-inch iMacs now include 5k Retina Display
  • Wider colour gamut that brings more brilliant and true-to-life colours to your desktop
  • Much faster with improvements to graphics
  • Two Thunderbolt 2 ports now come standard
  • All-new Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2.

Pricing & Education Discount

The new iMac models are available right now from the Apple Online Store with free shipping. There you can also learn more about the iMac range, compare models and find an iMac right for you.

The Australian pricing for the new iMac models have the 21.5-inch iMac with a standard display starting at A$1,699 with the 4k Retina Display model costing A$2,299 which includes not only a much better quality display but faster CPU & graphics inside. As mentioned all 27-inch models come with a 5k Retina Display which now start at A$2,799 with three models going up to A$3,599 for those who want the best performance.

The education discount is also available with savings of up to A$280 by simply purchasing from the Apple Online Store for Education. This deal is exclusive to Apple, available for University students & students accepted into university, parents buying for university students, Teachers, lecturers and staff at all levels.

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