Watch Netflix on your TV with Apple TV

Netflix is set to finally launch in Australia with the date now set at March 24th allowing you to stream an unlimited amount of Movies and TV Shows in 1080p/4k for a monthly cost (likely about $10).

This comes just as we got another streaming service earlier on in the year called Stan; with such shows as Better Call Saul.

Apple TV
Apple TV

Once launched you’ll be able to watch Netflix from a huge number of devices including your PC/Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch and your iPad with the official Netflix app (yet to launch).

As for your TV?  Netflix can be there simply by the Apple TV – a small unit which plugs into your TV connects to your Internet and is ready to stream video to your TV, including Netflix.

When Netflix launches simply look out for the official Netflix app on your Apple TV to start watching. It will join a growing number of Internet services available including Ten Play, Cricket, Vevo, Vimeo and many more.

What's on Apple TV
What’s on Apple TV

Apple TV is available for just $109 from the Apple Online Store with free shipping.

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