Cover your new iPhone/iPad from accidental damage with AppleCare+

While i’ve been lucky enough to not ever damage my iPhone some people are not so lucky and accidents do happen. iPhones get dropped, screens smash or crack, chips are taken out of the iPhone or worse … being dropped in the pool or sink etc.

In the past you’ll take your iPhone to Apple and they’ll fix your iPhone (by usually replacing it with a refurbished model) with a fee. That fee is usually over $200-$300 depending on the iPhone model. Still a fair service when you think about it … you’re getting a brand new replacement iPhone less than the cost of a new one.

But with the brand new AppleCare+ warranty service just announced by Apple in Australia this week we get a even better service option for our iPhones and iPads.

So what is AppleCare+?

When purchasing AppleCare+ at time of your iPhone/iPad purchase or with-in 60 days you’ll get:

  • Accidental damage cover of up to two incidents each with a $99 service fee.
  • Provides repair or replacement coverage, both parts and labor, from Apple-authorized technicians.
  • Replacement coverage covers Your iPhone/iPad, battery.
  • Two years of expert telephone technical support

This means if you drop your iPhone, smash the screen etc you’ll only have to pay $99 to get it fixed (which will most likely be a replacement model). Far cheaper than buying a brand new model!

In addition you’ll be covered for two years with the battery meaning if it starts to die quickly after some time you’ll be eligible for a replacement.

How to buy AppleCare+

Simply head over to the Apple Online Store search ‘AppleCare+’ where you can purchase which can be applied to your recent or now iPhone/iPad purchase instantly.

Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac can be purchased from the Apple Online Store.

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