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Optus has announced a range of brand new prepaid offers offering plans with high data and low cost month to month plans. If you’re a high data user like me you’ll like to learn you could get up to 1GB+ every single day with Optus prepaid.

Optus Prepaid

The new plans

On offer are daily plans, and month-month plans all have access to not only the Optus 3G network but the new ever-growing super fast 4G network offering fast download and upload speeds.

All calls’ below are according to Optus: ‘Standard Australian mobiles and landlines, 13/1800 numbers and voicemail. Charged per minute’

My Prepaid Daily

The cheapest daily plan from Optus giving you the ability to only pay for days you use your phone!

  • $1 a day includes: 30min calls, unlimited SMS/MMS and 40MB data every day.
  • $1.50 a day includes: Unlimited calls, unlimited SMS/MMS and 80MB data every day.

Once you use all your data for the day you’ll get more at 50c a MB up to 480MB for $5.

My Prepaid Daily Plus (Lots of data!)

This is my favorite plan and one I use myself. If you’re a high data user, want unlimited calls for a good price look at this plan.

  • $2 a day includes: Unlimited calls, unlimited SMS/MMS and a massive 500MB data every day.
  • $4 a day includes: Unlimited calls, unlimited SMS/MMS and a massive 1GB (1000MB) data every day.

Still need more than 1GB? Optus says you can order more data at $2 per 500MB after you reach the 1GB limit. This means you can get up to 31+GB every month!

The great thing about the new Prepaid Daily plans they offer:

  • 6 months expiry
  • Access to both 3G & 4G network.
  • Low international rates

My Prepaid Daily

For those who want to stick to a monthly price Optus offer new month-month plans starting at just $30.

  • $30 per month: 350min calls, unlimited SMS/MMS, 1GB data.
  • $45 per month: Unlimited calls, unlimited SMS/MMS, 2GB data.
  • $60 per month: Unlimited calls, unlimited SMS/MMS, 5GB data.

All have 30 days expiry with the ability to add 500MB data add-on for $5.

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