Space pack iPhone case gives you more battery & storage

Earlier in the week I discussed the iPhone battery case from Boostcase, providing your iPhone with more battery. This case from Mophie does just that however has something no other battery case has – built in storage giving your iPhone 16, 32 or even 64GB more storage. Great for those who want to store even more photos, videos etc.

The Mophie storage app easily lets you manage files onto the case including music and videos, as soon as you turn the case on for the first time it will ask you to download it. It’s worth noting though iTunes will not let you sync music, tv shows etc onto the storage of the case from iTunes.

The case acts like a portable storage device too, allowing you to view your files from your Mac and while the design of the case isn’t bad at all it will make your iPhone about twice as thick and a little heavier but for what it gives it’s worth it.

The case is available from the Apple Online Store in a number of storage sizes and colours including Black, White and even Gold.

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