Why this battery pack from Boostcase is one of the best.

Last month i reviewed the new Boostcase accessories series by Carte Blanche, a brand new product series that is available exclusive to the Apple Online Store.

In this article i’d like to further discuss one of their products – The iPhone battery case (Power Sleeve) and why I think it’s the best battery case available today.

Today there’s lots of battery cases available giving you more battery on the go. The Power Sleeve from Boostcase will give you 150% more, like many others. However having tried several battery cases Power Sleeve has one major benefit over the rest …

You can in seconds ‘snap’ the power sleeve on and off your iPhone without having to change your iPhone case, this is because the power sleeve simply attaches to the back of your iPhone with the Boostcase Snapcase. It’s also one of if not the thinnest battery case i’ve used (about 7mm), plus quite affordable at $79.95.

The power sleeve is available exclusive to the Apple Online Store and is available in a number of colours including a nice gold colour as shown.

  • 150% more battery.
  • Add to your iPhone without changing your case.
  • Thinnest iPhone battery case.

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