Apple releases two new iPad ads to it’s ‘Your Verse’ series

Apple has continued it’s “what’s your verse?” iPad ads with 2 new ones this morning, showcasing the iPad Air being used in a number of scenarios.

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Esa-Pekka’s Verse iPad ad

The Esa-Pekka verse ad shows a musician using the iPad Air to create a musical piece, and develop it into a full composite with a number of apps.

With the use of such apps as Pianist Pro, Orchestra and Notion he’s able to hear what his musical piece will sound like before a whole orchestra plays it.

Chérie’s Verse iPad ad

The Chérie verse ad shows travel writer Chérie King using her iPad Air while travelling the world. Using her iPad to take video & photos, blog, write and share her travel moments with her friends & the rest of the world.

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