Apple raising Australian App Store Prices

app store increase

No this is now a April Fools Joke – Apple have announced prices of the Australian app store are changing.

Price Changes

Due to ‘fluctuating exchange rates’ Apple will be raising prices of apps in Australia (& other countries) in the next 24-hours. While it’s not clear yet by how much it’s likely prices will go back to their original pricing before they dropped prices in 2011.

  • $1.19 (currently $0.99)
  • $2.49 (currently $1.99)
  • $3.99 (currently $2.99)
  • $4.99 (currently $4.49)
  • $5.99 (currently $5.49)
  • $7.99 (currently $6.49)
  • $8.99 (currently $7.49)
  • $9.99 (currently $8.49)
  • $11.99 (currently $9.49)
  • $12.99 (currently $10.49)

This will affect both the App stores on Mac & iOS devices however will NOT affect prices for TV, Movies, Music on the iTunes Store (they never did drop in 2011).

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