iTunes Radio now out in Australia

iTunes Radio Australia

Apple Australia as announced their iTunes streaming service ‘iTunes Radio’ is now available in Australia – the first international country.

What is iTunes Radio?

A free service that allows you to listen to personalized genres of music, which then will streams songs, songs which are from the iTunes Store.

For example you could choose to listen to a ‘pop radio’ where it will play all pop related songs.

Or you can say ‘play INXS’ and it will play INXS and related songs.

How much does it cost in Australia?

  • Free – with ads.
  • $34.99 a year with no ads
  • Free if you already have iTunes Match.

Where can I use iTunes Radio?

iTunes radio is available on:

  • iPhone (iOS 7 required)
  • iPad (iOS 7 required)
  • Mac (with iTunes)
  • PC (with iTunes).

Where is iTunes Radio app?

iTunes Radio is not a seperate app or setting, if you open your music app on your iPhone or iPad you’ll get a new iTunes Radio Tab.

Note I had to restart my iPhone for it to work.


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