Apple iPad Air Covers & Cases – Features & Pricing

Cover your iPad Air with these Apple branded iPad Air accessories.

Information & Features

Both the iPad Air cover and iPad Air Case is available in 6 colours each, while the cover is made from polyurethane the Case is made from Leather, both offer a very thin design so it does not add too much extra thickness to the iPad Air.

  • Cover attached magnetically.
  • Cover or case can tilt your iPad to use the keyboard better.
  • Case is made from Leather
  • Available in 6 colours each (12 total).
  • iPad Air will turn on it’s display when you start to open the cover.

Difference between Case & Cover

The cover attaches to your iPad Air magnetically on the side providing a coloured cover for your iPad Air display with no backing.

While the Case not only covers your iPad display it covers the entire back, and sides.

Can I use this with my iPad?

These model cases and covers only work with the brand new iPad Air and are not comparable with earlier models because of the iPad Airs new design.

How much do they cost?

The iPad Air cover is $48 while the iPad Air leather Case is $99

Buy from the Apple Online Store

(Simply search ‘iPad Air Case’ or ‘iPar Air Cover’)

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