Jetstar now offering iPad on flights – The Details

Home Screen of Jetstar iPad

After more than a year in the works Jetstar Australia are now offering iPad’s for rental on their flights – Perfect to kill time and enjoy a range of entertainment. Here’s what i know so far:

Jetstar iPad content

The iPad will come with a range of entertainment TV shows, movies, games and more! For both adults and kids including:

  • Movies: Australian, Hollywood & Japanese
  • TV Shows: Comedy, Drama, Classic, Reality & Lifestyle, Sport and Kids.
  • Music: Rock, Pop, Greatest Hits, Easy Listening, Classical and Music Video.
  • Books: Range of kids ebooks with adult books coming soon!
  • Games
  • Content will be updated monthly.


Jetstar has said that it will be rolling out iPad 1 and iPad 2 across its network with a initial order of 3,000 iPads. Here’s some details:

  • $10 – $15 for rental of iPad.
  • Free for flights over 2 hours.
  • $15 fee for A330s when you purchase on-board.
  • You will be able to pre-book before your flight.

Other Information

Jetstar has made sure these iPads not only offer the best experience for customers but a range of security features. Features go as far as:

  • Modified case with extended battery.
  • Anti-theft system – RFID chip.
  • You will be responsible for any hardware damage and software modification.
Source: CNET

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