Create Christmas Cards on your iPhone/iPod – How To

Did you know you can create Gift Cards from your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad? When you finish creating your card its even physically mailed out!

If you want to create a range of cards including Christmas Cards simply follow the steps below and you will be on your way!

 1) Download Cards   2) Open Cards App  3) Make & Purchase
You need to download the Cards app free from the online app store![button link=”″ color=”#1B84E0″ size=”2″ style=”1″ dark=”0″ square=”0″ target=”blank”]Download >>[/button] Open the Cards app from your home screen.Swipe through the range of templates, I have chosen one from the Holiday category for a Christmas Card! Create your card by filling out text and images on the “Outside”, “Inside” and “Envelope” tabs of the app.For example in the above photo tapping on the grey image place holder will allow you to insert your own photo.

Once you have completed your card all you need to do is select a contact’s address you wish to send it too and mail it out! Apple says it prints these high quality cards and will even let you know when the card has been sent!

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