Apple Store App now avaliable in Australia

The wait is finally over, Apple has released their Apple Store iPhone app here in Australia!

This app is the best way for you too research and buy products from the Apple Store from your iPhone! A task made so much more easier than using Safari.

Apple Store App Features

To help you get the best out of the Apple Store you can do the following with this free app:

  • View & customise products from the Apple Online Store.
  • Purchase products via a check-out on the App.
  • View store locations near-by you (Apple Retail Stores)
  • Reserve iPad 2 for pickup.
  • Make a Genius booking, one-to-one etc.

Better still when you are AT a Apple Retail store with this app you can:

  • Request help from a Apple staff member.
  • Check your reservation and time.

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