Target – Fathers Day 2011 Sale

Target has a range of specials on iPod, iPad and iTunes for this fathers day 2011!

This sale is from 25th August 2011 to September 14th 2011.

iTunes Gift Card Sale

Buy one iTunes Gift Card and get 25% off the second!

Remember iTunes Gift Cards can be used for purchases on the iTunes Store, and App Stores on Mac, iOS Devices (iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone etc).

iPod Bundle Pack

This iPod bundle will be perfect for dad! You get the iPod of your choice plus a bundle which includes: Speaker Dock, Headphones, FM Transmitter, 2-way splitter, wall charger, connector cable, screen protector, earphones case, cleaning cloth and sock cover!

  • 8GB iPod Nano Bundle: $177 (Total Vale $337)
  • 8GB iPod Touch Bundle: $249 (Total Vale $408)
  • 32GB iPod Touch Bundle: $349 (Total Vale $349)
  • 160GB iPod Classic Bundle: $299 (Total Vale $458)
“No Rain checks”

iPad 2 Prices & Accessories

The iPad 2 is finally in stock in most stores. You can view the cheapest iPad 2 prices here >>

Target have a range of iPad 2 accessories as well perfect for dad!


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